Research in philosophy, humanities and social sciences, including studies that analyse and critically assess contemporary problems

The war terminated unrestricted academic inquiry and the ability to articulate critical philosophical views in Russia. The dissemination of false information and stringent self-monitoring are being actively promoted in Russian academia, which is compelled by the government to sever its ties with the international community. Scholars who openly challenge the officially sanctioned perspective are at risk of losing their positions and being incarcerated.
The International Association of scholars in humanities was founded in November 2022 by Russian philosophers who left the Russian Federation in dissent from the politics of the Russian authorities that led to a humanitarian catastrophe as a result of the military aggression against Ukraine.
Our mission is to further the development of free philosophical thought in the Russian language.

The Association takes responsibility for the future of the Russian philosophical community as a part of the worldwide “Republic of Scholars.”

It is important for us to support academic connections among like-minded colleagues, scattered around the world: those who have left Russia and would not ever come back, those who emigrated with the hope to return to free Russia one day, and those who withdrew into inner emigration. We are accustomed to working together and to supporting each other in difficult circumstances, we are familiar with research and publications of our colleagues. It would be inexcusable from both professional and personal points of view to lose the community that has existed for decades. We must hold together, help and trust each other and maintain genuine interest in each other.

Our objective is to help the scholars in humanities who have emigrated and continue to emigrate from Russia stay in the profession. We would like to form a new intellectual environment, wherein Russian-speaking researchers could freely proceed with their studies.

The Association is committed to supporting the voices of the Russian philosophy of today in the international dialogue by setting up discussions, seminars, workshops and by publishing monographs and collections of articles. We have come together to undertake philosophical analysis and to conceptualize the tragedy that unfolds in front of our eyes. We are going to continue our studies, reflect on the personal and collective experience of self-identity under the circumstances of the emigration, and write new books the readers will use for their study of philosophy while learning to live in peace with each other.

The Association is intent on partnership with colleagues across the world and is aimed at the integration of the scholars who have left Russia in their international research projects. We welcome new members from various countries in our Association and we are open to joint projects and inter-institutional collaboration.

We are grateful to our colleagues for their support, understanding and attention to our work and to our efforts in keeping our community.

The members of the Association are now in France, Germany, Israel, Italy, USA, China, Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. As new communication technologies keep us together, we give a hand to each other.
Our goals
Our goals
Support for Russian-language voices of free critical thought.
Teaching activities in philosophy, humanities and social sciences.
Providing support for philosophers and colleagues from other academic fields who have been compelled to emigrate.
Organisation of scientific and public events (lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops) within the framework of the Association’s activities.
Establishing a dialogue with colleagues from all over the world.
Questions driving our research
What is the historical and socio-political logic behind the events that are taking place before our eyes?
What are the current tasks of philosophy in light of Russia’s military aggression against independent Ukraine?
What are the responsibilities and possible contributions of the academic community to finding a way out of the current crisis?
What is the role of national philosophical schools and traditions in the modern world?
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We welcome you to join the Independent Institute of Philosophy Association if you share our values of liberty, oppose Russia's invasion of Ukraine, are eager to promote the development of critical philosophical thought, and are open to international collaboration in the social sciences and humanities.
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