Yunona Sergeeva
Independent Researcher
Research interests
  • Political Philosophy, Hannah Arendt, Social Philosophy, Philosophical Approaches to Work and Labor, Contemporary Challenges of the Working Man, Homo Faber, Philosophical Anthropology

  • 2005-2010: Moscow State Linguistic University, Specialist degree (Theology teacher with knowledge of English and German);
  • 2015-2017: Moscow State University for the Humanities, Master’s Degree (Political Philosophy);
  • 2017-2020: Moscow State University for the Humanities, Postgraduate Study (Social Philosophy).

Some publications:
  • Sergeeva, Y. (2020) Interpretation of the crisis phenomena in the work life of the today human. RSUH/RGGU BULLETIN. Series Philosophy. Social Studies. Art Studies, pp. 34-46;
  • Sergeeva, Y. (2019) The labor metamorphoses. Modern interpretations. RSUH/RGGU BULLETIN. Series Philosophy. Social Studies. Art Studies. 2019; (3):35-45. (In Russ.) pp. 35-45;
  • Sergeeva, Y. (2020) Theoretical conclusions of P. Clastres in regard of work and leisure in developed societies. Context and Reflection: Philosophy of the World and Human Being, 9 (2А), pp. 164-172;

Publication of the translation from English:
Arendt Hannah. The last interview and other conversations Arendt Hannah. ΕΙΝΑΙ: Philosophy. Religion. Culture (2017)
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