D. Habil. in philosophy
Research interests
  • ontology
  • social philosophy
  • political philosophy
Primary academic affiliation
  • Free University
  • philosophical almanach Kοινὴ
  • The Ideology and Politics Journal
Mikhail (Mykhailo) Minakov is a philosopher and a scholar working in the areas of political philosophy, social theory, international development, and history of modernity. He is also the editor-in-chief of the peer-reviewed journal Ideology and Politics Journal, of the Kennan Focus Ukraine blog, and of the philosophical web portal Koinè. Minakov is the author of six books, co-author of another six books, and of numerous articles in philosophy, political analysis, and history. Mikhail has over twenty years of experience in research and teaching in the universities of Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the United States.
Main monographs:

1. Диалектика современности в Восточной Европе (Kyiv: Laurus, 2020; In Italian: Dialettica della modernità nell’Europa orientale. Una riflessione socio-filosofica. Milano: Ledizioni, 2022).

2. История опыта (Kyiv: Laurus, 2019; українською: Історія поняття досвіду (Kyiv: Tsentr praktychnoyi filosofii, 2007).

3. Development and Dystopia. Studies in Post-Soviet Ukraine and Eastern Europe (Stuttgart: ibidem, 2018).

4. Photosophy. Kyiv: Laurus, 2017.

5. Вчення Канта про віру розуму (Kyiv: Tsentr praktychnoyi filosofii, 2001).

6. Philosophy Unchained. Developments in Post-Soviet Philosophical Thought (Stuttgart: ibidem, 2023; редактор и соавтор).

7. Inventing Majorities. The Ideological Creativity in Post-Soviet Societies (Stuttgart: ibidem, 2022; редактор и соавтор).

8. Minakov, M., Kasianov, G., Rojansky, M. (eds). From “The Ukraine” to Ukraine. A Contemporary History, 1991-2021 (Stuttgart: ibidem, 2021; редактор и соавтор; українською: Нариси сучасної історії України (Kyiv: Laurus, 2021).

9. Etkind, A., Minakov, M. (eds). Ideology after Union: Political Doctrines, Discourses, and Debates in Post-Soviet Societies, Stuttgart: ibidem, 2020.

10. Rabkin, Y., Minakov, M. (eds). Demodernization: The Future in the Past (Stuttgart: ibidem, 2018; in Italian: Demodenizzazzione. Il Futuro nel Passato (Milano: Ledizioni, 2021).

Main papers:

1. “Political creativity and its democratic and autocratic outcomes: The case of the post-Soviet period, 1989–2022”, Ideology and Politics Journal, 2023, 23(1), 57-107.

2. “The Soviet Philosophical Condition. Adventures of Philosophy in Soviet Union”. Minakov, M. (ed.). Philosophy Unchained. Developments in Post-Soviet Philosophical Thought. Stuttgart: ibidem, 2023, 21-74.

3. “Sovereignty as a Contested Concept: The Cases of Trumpism and Putinism”. Minakov, M. (ed.). Inventing Majorities. Ideological Creativity in Post-Soviet Societies. Stuttgart: ibidem Verlag, 2022, 281–320.

4. “Ideological Creativity. Introduction to Post-Soviet Ideologies”. Minakov, M. (ed.). Inventing Majorities. Ideological Creativity in Post-Soviet Societies. Stuttgart: ibidem Verlag, 9–20.

5. “Towards an Ontology of the Caesura. Reflections on the Russian-Ukrainian War”, Kοινὴ. The Almanac of Philosophical Essays, 2022, 2: 67-79.

6. “Gift and Bribe: Political Ontology of Eastern European Chiasm of Modernity and Tradition.” In Kiryukhin D. (ed.). Community and tradition in global times. Washington, D.C.: The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, 2021, 195-209.

7. “The Quest for Kοινὴ: Overcoming the Shibboleth.” Kοινὴ. The Almanac of Philosophical Essays 1 (2021): 1-13 (also in Russian and in Ukrainian).

8. "Модерність і мир. Уроки прикладного просвітництва Канта." Ukraina Moderna, 26 (2019), pp. 99-117.

9. "Возвращение к самому важному: философское восстание Льва Шестова." История философии, 23, 1, 2018, pp. 82-95.

10. "Онтологическая ситуация войны." Topos, 2016, 1-2, pp. 11-18.
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