Doctor of Sciences (History), Professor
Alexander Agadjanian
  • History, sociology and anthropology of religion, political philosophy, general social theory
Research interests
  • Yerevan State University
Primary academic affiliation
  • 1986-1999 - Researcher, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences

  • 1999-2002 - Lecturer, Arizona State University, USA

  • 2003-2023 - Russian State University of Humanities, Moscow, Russia

  • 2002--now Research Fellow, Yerevan State University
  • 1975-1981 Institute of Asia and Africa, Moscow State University

  • 1983-1986 Doctoral student, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Understanding World Christianity: Russia. – Minneapolis: Fortress Press, January 2021 (co-authored)

  • Religion, Nation and Democracy in the Southern Caucasus. (Co-editor and author). London, Routledge, 2015. ISBN: 9781138577077

  • Armenian Christianity Today: Identity Politics and Popular Practice. (Editor and author). Ashgate Publisher, 2014.

  • Turns of Faith, Search for Meaning: Orthodox Christianity and Post-Soviet Experience. Erfurt: Erfurt Studies in Eastern Christianity series: Peter Lang Edition, 2014.

  • Parish and community in Russian Orthodoxy. Current processes against the background of the past century. Moscow: Ves’ mir, 2011 (in Russian).

  • Laïcité: International Experience and its Application in Russia and Eurasia (co-edited), Moscow, 2008 (in Russian)

  • Religious Practices in Today’s Russia (co-edited), Moscow: Novoe Izdatel’stvo, 2006 (in Russian)

  • Eastern Orthodoxy in a Global Age (co-edited), Walnut Creek etc.: Altamira Press, 2005

  • The Buddhist Way in the 20th Century: Religious Values and Contemporary History of

  • Theravada Nations. Nauka Publishers, Moscow 1993 (in Russian)

  • Complex Memory of the Soviet Past and Prospects of Democratic Renewal in Russian Orthodoxy. Forthcoming in 2023 in Journal of Orthodox Christian Studies

  • Religion and Pandemic: Shifts of Interpretation, Popular Lore, and Practices. An Introduction. Entangled Religions, 12 (3), 2022, online (co-authored with Konrad Siekierski)

  • Pandemic, homo somatis, and Transformations of the Russian Orthodox Ethos. – Entangled Religions. - Entangled Religions, 12(3), 2022, online.

  • Religion and Collective Memories of the Last Century: General Reflections and Russian Vicissitudes. – Z. Bogumił and Y. Yurchuk, eds. Memory and Religion in Postsecular Perspective. London: Routledge, 2022, 29-48

  • The Orthodox Vision of the Modern World: Context, History, and Meaning of the Synodal Document on the Church Mission. – In: V. Makrides, S. Rimestad, eds. The Pan-Orthodox Council of 2016. A New Era for the Orthodox Church? Berlin: Peter Lang, 2021. P. 145-162

  • From Urban Landscape to National Culture: Russia’s Conspicuous Religious Simulacra and Enduring, if Fragile, Secularity. - Social Compass, Vol. 687, #3, 2021, 392-409

  • Сопротивление и покорность. Вызовы пандемии, поздне-модерные эпистемы и русский православный этос [Resistance and Submission. Challenges of the pandemic, late modern epistemes, and the Russian Orthodox ethos]. - Государство, религия, церковь в России и за рубежом, 39:1, 2021, 12-38.

  • Пандемия и религия: толкования и практики. Государство, религия, церковь в России и за рубежом, 39:1 (2021), 7-11.

  • Вера versus культура? Один армянский пример и общая христианская модель [Faith versus culture? An Armenian example and a general Christian pattern]. – Studia Religiosa Rossica, vol. 1 (4), 2019, 112-129

  • Религия и русская революция: явные и неявные взаимосвязи. На полях одной

  • Конференции. - Государство, религия, церковь в России и за рубежом, 36:1, 2018, 336-47 [Religion and Russian Revolution: explicit and implicit relationships. A conference review].
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