PHD in Philosophy
Tatiana Litvin
  • Continental Philosophy, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Time, Theology, Philosophy of Religion
Research interests
  • HSE University
Primary academic affiliation
  • 2006 - Ph.D. in Philosophy with topic “Transcendental Preconditions of the Social Reflection of Time” (St. Petersburg State University)
  • Time. Perception. Imagination. Phenomenological Studies on the Question of Time by Augustine, Kant and Husserl. (rus), SPb, 2013.

  • Time, Memoria, Creation: Receptions of Augustinism in the Philosophical Theology. (eng). Religions. 2022, 13.

  • Knowledge of God and Phenomenological Foundations of Religious Experience. In: Eastern Orthodox Christianity and the Sciences. Theological, Philosophical, Scientific and Historical Aspects of the Dialogue, vol.2., Brepols, 2021.

  • The category of time as the basis of historicism: is the philosophy of history possible today? In: Transcendence and Narrative in the Formation of Models of Historicism. Collective monograph. (rus) ed. T. Litivn. SPb, 2021.

  • Die Κontingenz der Εwigkeit? Paradoxe der Sprache der Beschreibung der Dauer in antiken Modellen der Zeitlichkeit. (germ.) Plato Investigations. 2020. Т. 12. № 1. С. 159-173.

  • On the problem of the semantics of conflicts in late antiquity. The concept of “Jews” in the Gospel of John. In: Hate speech and the etiology of conflicts in the historical and philosophical perspective. Collective monograph. (rus) SPb, 2020.

  • An outline of the natural-historical epistemology of Мerab Мamardashvili and the possibility of its phenomenological interpretation. (eng.) Studies in East European Thought. 2019. Т. 71. № 3.

  • Beyond the metanarrative: the subject as a problem of modern natural theology. (rus.) Bulletin of the Russian Christian Humanitarian Academy. 2019. Vol. 20.No. 4.
  • Duration of the eternal: hate speech in the narratives of late antique cosmologies. (rus.) Platonic studies. 2019.Vol. 11.No. 2.

  • Messianic-eschatological expectations reflected in the Qumran manuscripts and in the early epistles of the Apostle Paul (rus.) (co-authored by I.R. Tantlevsky, T.V. Litvin). Bulletin of the Russian Christian Humanitarian Academy. 2018.Vol. 19.No. 3

  • The phenomenological Interpretation of Creation of the World out of Nothing: from Patristics to Kant and Beyond (eng.) (co-authored Nesteruk A.V., Litvin T.V.). Journal of Siberian Federal University: Humanities & Social Sciences. 2018. Т. 11. № 10.
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